CIVIDINI is a brand that best represents the 100% of REAL Made in Italy, a fashion house built on quality, design, refinement and pure craftsmanship.

Miriam and Piero Cividini founded their brand in 1988 on these noble principles, launching a cashmere knitwear line, woven exclusively on hand looms.

Their collections are the result of exciting stylistic research, with clean and elegant design. They are aimed at a sophisticated and refined public, able to distinguish the high quality of each piece produced under this brand.

CIVIDINI creates its own collections in a modern key, while preserving the ancient traditions of true craftsmanship, and selecting only the highest quality materials for their realization.

The dyes of the garments follow a production process with special techniques, such as jet printing, screen printing and hand dyeing, giving each collection extraordinarily high quality even in the colors of the garments.

For the production of the collections only natural fibers are used, such as cashmere, baby alpaca and silk.

The softness and lightness of each CIVIDINI garment envelops you as if in an embrace. The modern and elegant stylistic design makes the brand one of the most exclusive fashion houses in the Made in Italy panorama 

# Quality #Elegance #Design #Innovation #Craftsmanship

since its foundation are the key words of a brand that has enjoyed international success.

Elegance, style, refinement and continuous research of natural high-quality materials are the strengths of this brand, which is aimed at those committed to an elegant, unique and exclusive style. 

CIVIDINI has always employed artisan weaving techniques, using yarns made by certified companies that operate in accordance with standards of environmental protection, while dyes, both industrial and artisanal, are made with eco-sustainable dyes.

Choosing a CIVIDINI garment means "choosing a lifestyle" that encompasses all the noblest philosophy and professionalism of this extraordinary brand

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