“Fatto a Mano” is a capsule limited edition of knitwear entirely produced with old hand looms. Sweaters in fine yarns such as cashmere, baby alpaca and silk, made in short runs, numbered and delivered with a special packaging.


Each “Fatto a Mano” knitted item is born from the union of CIVIDINI creativity, the know-how of the craftswoman and the uniqueness of the process obtained by the hand loom. The knitwear of this limited collection is made completely without seams and according to type of stitch and yarn, the craftswoman employs three to four hours to complete a sweater while in the industrial process, the time is reduced of the 80%.

Dipinto a mano

The items decorated with this technique are hand-painted by artisans-artists with colors resistant to delicate washing and are produced in limited and numbered edition.

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